in ictu oculi. In the blink of an eye…

Here’s one of my latest truss rod cover designs. Along with the above, we have a similar 3-hole version as well. We also have two other new designs which all should be available in about 2 weeks.

In the image, you can see a raster version of the original illustrator file on the right. I also created a 3D model in Rhino so I can output on my own CNC machine. I hope to create one tomorrow. I’ll post a photo of the finished piece as soon as I can. The final pieces will be cast in brass then enameled with a high gloss epoxy finish.

I really love designing these pieces. It’s a lot of fun to play around with ideas and realize them quickly.


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4 Responses to Bonehead

  1. old nod says:

    so… if I provided you with a design, could you CNC a shell for my thermo-nucleic device???

    just wondering….

  2. andy says:

    Hi Micheal,

    I live in Macao, China, just wondering how can I get a hand on Hell guitars?

    • Mhead says:

      Hi Andy.
      Right now we only sell our guitars direct from our website: We have shipped all over the world (but not yet to Macau). If I can be of further assistance please click the “contact” link on the top right of our homepage and send me an email. Thanks!

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