All the Young Dudes

Recently I was You Tubing around looking for Mick Ronson clips and came across this one from the Freddie Mercury tribute concert in the early 90’s. Mick was sadly very near the end of his life at this time but he was still out there, his greatness intact.

I really like this version of All the Young Dudes. Ian Hunter really brings it. Even though he’s probably in his mid fifties by this time he still delivers all the impudence of youth. Actually this clip made me want to check out more of Hunter. He definitely influenced British punk. In fact listen to the original studio recording of All the Young Dudes and you can hear Joe Strummer’s ghost. This clip also nudged me to play it. It’s a simple but very satisfying song to play. I hope to get around to recording a lame version of my own sometime…

Back to Ronson, he’ll have passed away 20 years ago later this month. Hard to believe however time passes for us all, I suppose. It’s a shame though he didn’t get a little more.

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  1. old nod says:

    one of my all time favorite songs…
    mott the hoople rocked them all…

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