NEW! Devil Dude Pick Holder Keychain. w00t!…



pickhldr_2The Devil Dudes are back! Well at least one of them is anyway and he’s on our fabulous (and useful!) new pick holder keychain. Emblazoned with The Dude’s portrait in slightly raised rubber on a fine, snap-closed, leather pocket, it will fit up to 3 of our 3.2mm, 5 of our 2mm and a whopping 10 of our 1mm Super Blacks Picks inside. The reverse side is printed with the famous Hell Guitar logo.

Now, think about this… How many times have you driven to the guitar shop to try out a new axe only to discover that your favorite picks are sitting at home? On the other hand, how many times have you driven to the guitar shop without your keys? Never, right?! So now you can simply keep your picks with your keys as nature intended.┬áSuperior style and utility. How great is that?!

Regarding the leather, as we are kindly animal-loving folk here at Hell, we regret using it in this product and had, in fact, told our maker (the manufacturer, not God…) to use fake leather. Perhaps they thought our correspondence had a typo and we meant to say “make” leather. In any case, it is made of durable stuff which should hold both your keys and your picks for a good long while. After these have sold, we will be ordering the finest fake leather on the market. So if you prefer leather you should buy now. If you avoid the stuff, perhaps you’d prefer to wait…

So there you are. Full disclosure. Hell thinks animal products are bad except, in a way, they are good (in a utilitarian sort of way). Which is really to say that they’re bad, especially for the poor creature involved, right?

umm…’nuff said…

pickhldr_3 pickhldr_4

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