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Tattoo update

After a bit of back and forth on the tattoo, I finally came up with a design to go with. I had to revise my plans a little bit because of some things I learned out about a health condition … Continue reading

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Hot date with a tattoo artist

For reasons that I will not explore here (for now anyway), I have made an appointment for a tattoo. Up until this point in my life, the only ink my skin has received is from those damn-blasted fill-it-yerself-and-save-money printer ink … Continue reading

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Flaming Strap

“I got to roll, can’t stand still, got a flaming strap, man what a thrill” Apologies to Plant, Page and Jones (and anyone reading this) but I really do like my new strap sent to me by my friend Tom … Continue reading

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Starvations for your kids

Yes, that’s right, “Starvations” with an “ess”. Was walking in one of the local malls here in Himeji and came across this absurd and probably offensively named children’s clothing store. From what I briefly saw of it, it looks like … Continue reading

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I’m back and bearing accessories!

First of all… …Many apologies for a very long absence. The timing of the absence made things apparently worse. I pretty much went silent after posting that a typhoon was on its way. Very stupid and thoughtless of me. I … Continue reading

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