Arrrgh! Ye Blind Pew! BoneHead Custom Truss Rod Cover


I believe in my last post I said that I’d put up a photo of the finished piece as soon as I can. (I guess that means now). I thought for sure that I’d have something up in 2 or 3 days but perhaps it’s time to get real about myself…

I actually did manage to cut the cover out on my machine the following day (see pic below) but didn’t get to laying the silver leaf and subsequent tarnish job until just the other day. It still needs a clear coat to arrest the tarnish but for the most part it is finished. Looks pretty good too, I think. Looks like something one might find by digging up the lost treasure of some guitar loving pirates. Amazing what you can do with just a piece of plastic, silver leaf and some imagination (oh yes, and a computer, 3D software, CAM software, CNC machine…).

Here’s the apres cut shot:

Bare bones…

Would love to hear what anyone out there thinks!

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5 Responses to Arrrgh! Ye Blind Pew! BoneHead Custom Truss Rod Cover

  1. old nod says:

    that looks waaaay cool…

  2. Nick says:

    This is the masterpiece. Maybe you should design a matched knobs for this cover?

    did you recieve my email which i send you a couple of weeks ago?

  3. Steve Stempel says:

    That truss rod looks fantastic!
    Would like to buy one for my Les Paul when they are available.

  4. Steve Stempel says:

    I really like your new truss rod cover.
    Would love to get one for my Les Paul Studio.
    When it’s ready for sale, could you send me an email?

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