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From Hell to you…Sonar All-Aluminum pickguard!

Here’s our first prototype for a new pickguard for Tele-style guitars. Made of aluminum to keep it light and to help shield your guitar from that nasty RF buzz. Once we’ve nailed a proper production guard we will be manufacturing … Continue reading

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How now, you secret, black, and midnight Hag(strom)

Our friend CJ recently posted this picture of his new Hagstrom (looks to be a Super Swede?) on his Facebook page. It is beautifully pimped out with nice chrome pickup rings and a nicely matching “Star” switch washer (from Hell … Continue reading

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Nature triumphs!

I recently (in fact, today..!) came across¬† something special.¬† A forgotten custom design I was creating for one of our ZeroDots was rediscovered during a rearrangement of my studio. It was, at the time, an interesting idea gone very bad. … Continue reading

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Oh Crap! (and Hooray!)

As the “Oh Crap” part is considerably longer, I’ll start off with the “Hooray!”… …Our shipment finally arrived! We’ve got everything back in stock including, for the first time, a limited number of lefty guitars (ZeroDot and No. 2 only … Continue reading

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Super Blacks guitar picks packaging design

Work is going fast and furious here to get our Guitarsh!t ready for the NAMM show in January. As mentioned before, our new strings, Hellwires, should be ready in about a month along with some really incredible gloss finish aluminum … Continue reading

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So where were they made?

After, “why do you call yourself Hell Guitars”, the next most frequently asked question we receive is, “where is it made?” The short answer is China. It’s China because the stickers on the back of the headstocks say that’s where … Continue reading

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