My name is Michael Evanston and I run a small company called Hell Guitars.

machinehead! is born out of my desire to keep Hell Guitars as wide open as possible. Wide open as to what we have done, what we are up to and what we’d like to do next. It is also a place to express our thoughts on guitar-ing in general as well as on style, art, music, sex (to get you coming back) and whatever else seems relevant (or not) to share. We’ve always been pretty transparent about what we’re up to and we’d like that to continue here.

Comments are most welcome provided they are posted with respect. Thoughtful criticism is accepted and appreciated but snarky, mean-spirited comments will quickly find the bin. In other words, machinehead! is a place for grown-ups of any age. Life’s too short to be messing with the trolls. Enough said.

Professionally, my background includes stints as an artist/illustrator/designer/ animator/art & creative director, mostly in the entertainment industry as well as game software and publishing. I later got involved in musical instrument production in the Far East. I now happily spend my days designing and creating electric guitars, accessories and apparel for Hell Guitars. Mostly because I want to.

Personally, I currently live in western Japan with a wife and menagerie. In the past I have also called both Paris and Los Angeles my home. I am fond of composing, playing and recording music that no one else ever hears and spend more time than I care to trying to remember what I’ve forgotten. And let’s see…what else…?!

Hello. Please feel welcome.

M. Evanston Mar. 13, 2012


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  1. Peter Petzl says:

    Hello michael, when i ordered my first super black picks from hell guitars some weeks ago, you have sent me an extra „triangle“ pick (thicker strength) – thank you! – but
    which pick is this? ). It has another shape (triangle) then the other hell picks ?! (Sended an email with a picture too), I cannot find it on your shop site, there are the super blacks i have already; but not these special ones.
    I would like to order some of them.

    Thanks for information!


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