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Super Blacks guitar picks packaging design

Work is going fast and furious here to get our Guitarsh!t ready for the NAMM show in January. As mentioned before, our new strings, Hellwires, should be ready in about a month along with some really incredible gloss finish aluminum … Continue reading

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beginning of a long day.

waiting for a 9 am flight to Beijing from Shenzhen. Then a 4 hour layover beforr flying to Osaka. Another two hours should finally get me home around 11 pm. If there are no delays of course. It’s only a … Continue reading

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Bender Harlequin Special

Here’s the finished (except for knobs) Bender Harlequin. I tried it out yesterday at the factory and it looks and plays like a dream! I will take it to NAMM with me for sure. Right now I’m on my way … Continue reading

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NEW! Hellwires strings. First packaging direction.

Hello again… Time to peek up out of my hole to see what the world is up to. Or more accurately, to let the world (or a very tiny fraction of it) know what I’m up to. To be specific, … Continue reading

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