Tattoo update

After a bit of back and forth on the tattoo, I finally came up with a design to go with. I had to revise my plans a little bit because of some things I learned out about a health condition I have and the possibility of a reaction with the tattoo. I thought it best to do a test in an area that’s not so apparent in case any problems arise. Should be fine though, I think. This one will be on my lower back.

As you can see above, I’m going with a lotus and the world famous (well, sort of) Hell Guitars snake. Both have a special significance for me. I drew up a few lotuses before going with this one. It will probably be simplified slightly by the tattoo artist, but this is pretty much it. After studying quite a bit about tattoos in preparation, I’ve decided that the ones I liked best were the ones with a bit of mystery to them. Tattoos that look like they have a story to tell and not simply decorative.

I’ll post “after” pictures, well…, after it’s finished!

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  1. Nick Hvatov says:

    Hey, as for me it is very beautiful! and if it is not just a lovely picture but something more it is twice as cool! Wise choice! Hope it will fit perfectly!

  2. old nod says:


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