Prick Room

Lotus and snake (Media: ink under skin)

Actually, The Prick Room is the name of a local tattoo shop that I didn’t actually go to but I always thought they had a great name. Still there were plenty of (needle) pricks to be had at Tattoo Magu today in Osaka.

Magu-san (the owner) did a terrific job inking my design and I am very happy with how it turned out. It looks pretty grisly in the above photo as several hours had passed by the time the photo was taken and there is a protective sheet on top of it. And now, about 7 hours after the fact, it is fairly black and hard to see. I’m sure once it has healed it will look terrific. I’ll try to post a final shot once it’s all back to normal.

A very interesting exercise getting a tattoo. A few years back I was really ready to get one. This time I was almost indifferent when the time came. But once the process started I felt very happy to be there. I knew the lines of my design pretty well as I had made quite a few changes to them, so it was quite surreal to actually feel those lines being drawn into my skin. One note regarding the feeling part… For the most part, the pain was not too bad. Sometimes it was almost relaxing. But maybe 10% of the time it felt like a gash was being ripped in my flesh. This was usually in the area nearest my spine. Must have lots of nerves around there.

Before the tattoo was finished I was already thinking about what to have next. If I do elect to do more I really want to consider both the design as well as the “canvas”. I would like to keep a sense of continuity and balance. But I suppose I should first see how I get on with this one first.

I once read about a tattoo artist somewhere who would always say something like “One less of them, one more of us” right before starting on a customer’s first tattoo. Now, I’m pretty sure I’m the same person I was before I went and did this, but something does feel different. And not just because my wallet is $350 lighter…

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11 Responses to Prick Room

  1. old nod says:

    nice…. glad to hear you are pleased with it…. you’re gonna have it a while…

    : )

    old nod

  2. Nick says:

    Great! Congratulations! Nice to hear that you happy with it))

  3. old nod says:

    wow… I guess I’m the only one who cares…..


    • Mhead says:

      Actually, Nick cared too! After your last comment I checked and for some reason his post required approval (sorry Nikolay).

      The tattoo is healing up nicely after just one week. As I mentioned before I was a little concerned about a reaction but all is looking good.
      Planning the next one now. Twis time we’ll go bigger and put it somewhere that I can actually see it without having to look into a mirror. Probably upper right arm.

  4. old nod says:

    yup.. he’s hooked…


  5. Nick says:

    He wants morrrrrrrrrrrrre!)
    Good luck with next one) We’ll wait photos )

  6. Nick says:

    Whazzz up people?? Where are you? =)))

    • Mhead says:

      Hey Brother Nikolay! Still here. Sorry for the most recent silence. Lots been going on lately. I keep thinking to update the blog but there are always 101 things to get through everyday. One exciting new piece of news is that I finally got around to making something with my CNC machine. I modeled a truss rod cover in a 3D program and output it on my little Roland MDX-15 last night. It took awhile to cut but did a beautiful job! Incredible detail. It is so cool to be able to imagine, design and then actually output a 3D object in my studio. Since I now know how it works I want to invest in larger, more capable equipment soon.

      So how are you Nick? Well I hope!

      • Nick says:

        Yeah! Nice to hear that you are with us!!)) When do you show us your new work? )) Also i sent an email to you with question about zerodot tremolo arm nuance.

  7. old nod says:

    sounds wicked fun…. how about if you get some time(like five years from now ’cause your busy-busy) you post up some photos of the shop so we can see where the magic happens…..

    old nod

  8. Nick Hvatov says:

    Michael, we completly lost you??Where are your bro? =)

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