Hot date with a tattoo artist

I ink therefore I am.

For reasons that I will not explore here (for now anyway), I have made an appointment for a tattoo. Up until this point in my life, the only ink my skin has received is from those damn-blasted fill-it-yerself-and-save-money printer ink cartridge filling kits. This time the ink will be more thoughtfully applied, cost much more and last a whole lot longer. In fact, I hear that it will last as long as I do. Now how many things in life can you say that about?

I’ve decided on a Hell themed icon or logo. Right now I’m debating between the Hell snake (vertical) on my right upper arm or perhaps the Hell flaming logo (see our T-shirts shop page for the design).

My wife found the tattoo artist online. She goes by the name of Man (the tattoo artist, not my wife). Pronounced like the “mon” in “montage”. We met with her yesterday in Osaka about an hour and a half from home. She’s nice and does very fine work. I feel comfortable with the studio and the artist. I also just discovered that one of our recent customers specializes in laser tattoo removal so I’m all set…

Tonight I printed a few tattoos on special transfer paper off of my printer. Must say that the tats look very cool indeed (or trashy depending on your view!).  In fact I’ve printed so many test tattoos that now I have to fill the blasted ink cartridges again. Damn and blast!

Wish me luck. Or, if you’re my mom, perhaps not…

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7 Responses to Hot date with a tattoo artist

  1. Nick Hvatov says:

    Oh! Sure, I wish you a good luck! I hope you tatoo will be perfect and in all ways, and will deliver nonstop happiness and joy! )))Will you show it when all works with it will be done?

  2. Nick Hvatov says:

    Maybe I will done my tatoo sleeve one day)))))

  3. old nod says:

    welcome to the club, brother… my left arm is a sleeve… dark tower/gunslinger themed… crossed sixguns on the inner right arm (waiting for the rest of that sleeve
    to be decided)… plus a few others… go with the lotus… or maybe the devildudes…

    don’t forget to upload photos…!

    luck always….

    old nod

  4. old nod says:

    so how’s that tattoo coming along?

    • Mhead says:

      Hey old nod. How’s it going, my friend?
      Next Tuesday is the day. I ‘ll try to put up an update. In fact maybe I’ll do it now…

  5. old nod says:

    it goes and it goes….


    : )

  6. old nod says:

    oh man my japanese didnt post…. now you’ll never know what words of
    wisdom I was going to pass along………

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