Flaming Strap

Let me stand next to your fire…strap! (Click to enlarge).

“I got to roll, can’t stand still, got a flaming strap, man what a thrill”

Apologies to Plant, Page and Jones (and anyone reading this) but I really do like my new strap sent to me by my friend Tom at Robbins Roost Creations.

As I generally try to refrain from consuming animals in any way, I was intrigued when Tom contacted me about trying out his unique quilted straps. My flaming strap is exceptionally comfortable with generous double padding. Plus it looks thoroughly bitchin’ as I lean back and lay into my Black Dog solo. I used to think that I could never compare myself to Jimmy Page but then I never saw him wear a strap like this…

Robbins Roost have alot of unique prints to choose from including skulls, paisleys, tiger skin, horseshoes (perfect for my Gretsch!) etc. You can check them out at: http://www.rrcreations.net/ Straps are made to order.

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3 Responses to Flaming Strap

  1. old nod says:

    very nice… going to have to go check out the site….
    on another note (c#maj, I believe…) when can I get my
    paws on one of them full house switch washer plates…?

    : )

    old nod…..

    • Mhead says:

      Sure, old nod. After they arrive in a couple of weeks, I’ll send you out one. In fact I’ll extend this free offer to anyone else out there who has bought a Bender through the month of August. Just write me or drop a comment here. Let me know which ring you prefer and I’ll take care of you.

  2. old nod says:

    wow… many thanks and very generous…
    you, sir, are a gentleman and a scallop…
    wait… that’s not right…

    old nod

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