Sorry for the long break…
I must say that I love doing this guitar business thing. The only real problem that I’m having with it though is that there is not enough time in a day to do half of the things that I want (and often need) to do. Like updating this blog for example. There, excuse dispatched, now on with the topic…

I’ve been playing around again with metal leaf like schlag metal, aluminum, pure silver and 24kt gold. I’ve been creating some interesting pickup covers and pickguards. Pictured above is a design (I call “POW!”) for a standard Tele style pickguard. I’m planning to create the gray part of the image in pure silver leaf on a black pickguard. I’ll try to document some of the process, starting with this photo…

Mask applied. Click to enlarge.

Here the mask has already been cut and applied to the pickguard surface. The exposed areas (black) will be treated with gilding size (a tacky, lacquer-like medium) and allowed to set for an hour or two until the surface is no longer wet but slightly tacky. Then the silver leaf will be applied and the mask removed. For protection and to prevent tarnishing, I’ll spray an automotive grade, clear poly finish on it. Since it is pure silver, it will tarnish if not sealed, which is actually a cool effect for a more grungy industrial look. Perhaps I’ll show an example of this later.

Hopefully, the silver will be applied tonight. I’ll try to post the results soon!

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4 Responses to POW!

  1. Nick Hvatov says:

    Thats very interesting! Will wait for results!

  2. Zach says:

    Like your other stuff…looks pretty cool! However…seems like a complicated manufacturing process! I’m looking forward to seeing the result!

    BTW- do your truss rod covers fit a PRS?

  3. Kevin says:

    Very cool but at this point I expect nothing less from you. High pressure I know. When will we get to buy some of these accessories (pup caps , poker chips and friends)?

    • Mhead says:

      Hey Kevin,

      I’ll be offering up some of the new items soon. I have some new truss rod covers and 2 of the poker chips which went into production yesterday and I should have them in about two weeks. The Pup-Caps are ready except I still need to take some better pictures and put them in the store. Hopefully in a week or so. Pickguard covers are coming along in about a week or two. I may throw a few originals up on ebay this week. Anyone who has been following me for any length of time has probably noticed that I’m much quicker to create something than I am to market it. But I’m trying to get better at that!

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