What not to do...


As you can see, “POW” looks more like a “POS”… I actually applied the silver leaf not too long after the last post and it was a certainly a waste of good silver. Made me wish a little bit that I had actually done everything in advance to make sure of success. Then I’d look all capable and clever, but now I have to come back here and report my failure…

There are two reasons that it didn’t work. The main reason is, I got interrupted after putting the size (the sticky stuff) on the pickguard. By the time I got back to it, the tackiness wasn’t optimal. I elected to try laying the silver anyway and you can see the result. It started pulling up in patches when I peeled away the mask. It really could have looked a bit better than this but once I realized that the adhesion was bad, I just ripped the rest of the mask off to be done with it. The other possible problem was, that I decided to try sizing the surface without giving it a light sand first. I liked the black glossy finish and wanted to see how it would adhere without roughing it up (always recommended) first. Well, you can see the result of that.

Perhaps I’ll give it another go tomorrow. If I do (and do it successfully) you can bet that I’ll post right away to demonstrate that I really am capable and clever after all. If I do (and I fail again), it’s a fair bet you’ll not hear from me quite so soon. Actually though, this is all part of the process. Usually things really do work out. When they don’t, I usually curse and then learn something valuable. But I always make sure to curse first. Helps me to focus later on the lesson…


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4 Responses to POS!

  1. Zach says:

    My dad once said ‘ you can tell how tough a job is by how many curse words it takes to finish it’.

  2. Nick Hvatov says:

    I am not quite sure that I understand your completly, but what I am see here….I see an awesome stylish thing! It is slightly worn pure rocking thing! If I saw it in shop, I would buy it for shure! Seriously this pickguard is a fresh and creative view at this kind of things, and I realy don’t understand why you say that it is more a failure than a success.

    • Mhead says:

      Thanks Nick. There is maybe something to it however it wasn’t quite what I was after. I actually took a sanding block to it afterwards to a very cool effect but I wound up removing everything to give it another go. I think I will try a “distressed” version too sometime soon. I’ll try to post that one too.

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