CJ Wildheart Rocks Hell on “Mable”

Our very talented friend, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter, CJ Wildheart is coming out with a new solo effort called “Mable”. I’ve heard demos of 5 or 6 of the 11 tracks and every one of them absolutely rocks. CJ delivers a winning mix of melodic, hard-edged, power pop/rock. I really love all that I’ve heard so far. Perhaps I should also mention, that CJ is recording Mable on his Ivory Hell Bender guitar. You can see it prominently featured in the above clip/preview of “Down the Drain”.

CJ is producing Mable with the cooperation of his many fans via pledgemusic.com (I believe his target was reached in about 3 hours!). I cannot recommend this record enough and urge you to check out his project at http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/mable . £8 for the download and £12 for the physical CD (when both available) plus alot of other pledge perks that are available. Perhaps another reason to check out this CD is that the cover was designed by none other than…well… ME! I’ll be posting a picture of the cover soon as well as some other related artwork soon.

For many of you CJ needs no introduction. His work in several bands (especially The Wildhearts– see below video with CJ on his famous, pimped out red 335) is well known. But whether you are very familiar with his work or not I think you will not find many releases better than this one for 2014. Seriously.

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