With a Rebel Hell…

At NAMM, several people came to our booth to tell us that they saw our accessories on one of the guitars of the venerable Steve Stevens. In fact on his main guitar– a Les Paul goldtop. They saw them in this Premier Guitar Rig Rundown. If you check out 6:26 – 7:12 in particular you can get a good look at our “Chequer” toggle switch washer and “Standard” truss rod cover. Both 100% brass (and 100% class!).

It happens fairly often that some distinguished pro players use our parts though we usually keep it to ourselves. Though with Steve Stevens it seems to be already out there so just thought I’d mention it. I remember him ordering from us a couple of years ago and was especially tickled as I am a fan of his playing. Steve, if you’re out there, contact me and I’ll design you something special–on the house!

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