New! Mechman Truss Rod Covers



Just received this photo from the factory of our new “Mechman”, robot themed truss rod covers for Gibson, Epiphone guitars and many others.

Before going into production on these I installed a mock-up version on one of my guitars and I must say that they look very cool indeed. Look for them in our accessory shop very soon!

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7 Responses to New! Mechman Truss Rod Covers

  1. old nod says:

    these are way too cool…..

    might I suggest you build them a rocket ship as well?

    wait… wasn’t there one in the photo of the catalogue back cover already??


    old nod

  2. Nick Khvatov says:

    Cool robots =)) Really cool!

  3. old nod says:


    : )

  4. Howard says:

    Love the robot, but are you planning a switch washer to match?

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