Ok, ok. I know, I’ve been away…

Tele Spadeburst 1 pickguard.

Tele Spadeburst 1 (varation) pickguard.

Well actually, I have been around but just have not up to my blogging chair for awhile. Beyond the usual taking care of customers (who always, deservedly, come first!) I’ve been riding a nice creative wave. Lots of new products designed, some are in production and some of these available within about a week.

Above is a design (and a variation), of a new pure silver leaf/plastic pickguard. I always rather liked some of the badass spade designs I’ve seen so I thought I’d try one (or two) myself. The skull has been re-purposed from my trussrod cover design but works nicely here I think. The eyeball was actually my first design but when I dropped the skull in it just made a stronger statement. I do like the eyeball though as well so I’ll start out hand-leafing one of each. I’ll try to post photos of the final guards when finished and perhaps a work in progress.

One thing that always facilitates my design work of course is listening to music. Lately, been forcing myself to listen to every act who performed at this year’s Glastonbury show. All via You Tube. Started with Nick Cave and after a few times around with Nick (and the current Seeds) moved on to the Smashing Pumpkins (Better than I remembered), Dinosaur Jr. (Great as always), Pil (Better than expected), Vampire Weekend (hmm…let’s say, lightweight) and right now The Arctic Monkeys (The banter from the lead singer is pretty annoying. Plus his accent just made me wish all the more that it was Richard Hawley instead…). I’m not really a festival lover but still rather enjoying it from the comfort of my blogging chair…

More soon…

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