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First of all, I’d like to thank those of you who commented on my original guitarshit post. Lots of  helpful  ideas/opinions.

I’ve gone through a few days of living with the name and must say that I’m still undecided. I still like the idea of it, no question about it. However I am thinking that in order for it to truly work, we have to treat the name very casually. Almost as if the site was named “”. Everything played straight beyond the name. If I can somehow pull it off I think it could do well. Now just how to achieve this. Probably it’s guitarshit at the end of the day because there are absolutely no solid guitar related dotcoms left. Above is the latest design. A detail from a homepage layout. You’ll notice that the “I” has been transformed into a “!”. Still the same URL but I thought perhaps this rendering might soften the logo just enough without actually wimping out. Any opinions on this approach will be very much appreciated!

On an unrelated note, today I decided on some new office space for Hell Guitars. We’ll sign the papers tomorrow. It will be nice to have a space devoted entirely to the business. Only 4 minutes from home with a nice park across the street…

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  1. Nick Hvatov says:

    The “Guitarshit” logo looks nice for me! Congratulations with new office) What about making a few photo outside and inside it? Btw I just navigated through main hell guitars site and saw that there is no signs of life on it. I mean – there is now news for a while and also no new testimonial messages. It is no good in this, from my point of view.

  2. old nod says:

    like this one alot, Micheal… the ! works…. you still might consider the, “a division of
    Hell Guitars”, bit though….

    congrats on the new workspace as well… make sure you have a quiet corner for
    napping… er… creating…..

    : )

  3. Kevin says:

    I don’t hate the “!” but I don’t like it either. Is shit really that bad that it needs softening? I understand it’s not the most conventional name but that’s what I think makes it work – or maybe I’m just vulgar.

    I think the “!” draws more attention to the word, points out that you’re not sure if you should use it, while at the same time doing nothing to hide it. In other words those few who will be driven away by the word shit won’t have their delicate sensibilites eased by the exclamation mark. It’s easy for me to say though since it’s not my $ going into the company – unless Hell goes public.

    I agree with old nod, I really like the look of this logo but I do miss the verbal link to Hell too. I’m torn because I like the tag line on this also……it’s all so tough.


  4. Dave says:

    The exclamation mark works. It’s being respectful and irreverant at the same time. It’s says: “okay, I’ll hide a naughty word behind the thinest veil possible.” Also, you’re using an exclamation mark, which adds emphasis and implied intonation. Your wordmark ends with a bang!

    Similarly, the “since 2012” footnote works well. It plays for and against convention. It’s a tip of the hat to tradition while admitting that you have zero years of tradition banked.

    Old Nod has a great point about re-incorporating Hell Guitars with some “division of” footnote. It would help to have more tie-ins than the snakes.

    Personally, I’ve always wanted to reference 110% in a tagline. I figure that will get the attention of professional athletes and sports fans.

    Finally, the colour scheme works. All of your variations are doable… but then I laid eyes on your new pickguard–your homage to “Rust Never Sleeps.” I’m enthralled with the weathered, distressed metal look. I also think your source image of a battered Route 66 road sign offers a wonderful thematic echo. Would that work for GUITARSH!T? Would you like to see your guitars and accessories down at the crossroads?

    • Mhead says:

      Lot’s of excellent/thoughtful comments here. Thanks!

      I think I’m leaning in the direction of tying this in with Hell Guitars (as recommended by old nod, Kevin and yourself). The reason I am debating this is because Hell Guitars isn’t really an established brand yet itself. For those of us aware of HG it makes sense but I’m still wondering if I should wait to tie them together.

      Regarding the “Route 66 weathered” theme, I think this is a very nice idea. Perhaps I will explore this in another iteration of the logo. Perhaps a pickguard as the logo?

      • Dave says:

        A pickguard logo would be cool. So would a humbucker Pup-Cap logo. When I first saw GUITARSH!T, I immediately thought of your Rising Sun pickup cover.

        You know what, I’d like to buy a humbucker belt buckle… one that flips open and stores guitar picks.

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