Another go

Silver Star Tele pickguard. Starting to get there anyway.


I finally made another attempt at the silver leaf pickguard and this time it came out more as I intended. Still not very good leafing technique but now I understand what I need to do to leaf a guard. It still needs to be cleaned up but I have to wait until it dries.

The main problem this time was that the size on the pickguard was still a little too wet in places so the silverwork looks a little “smudged” here and there, but after it sets in about a day I’ll try burnishing and shining up the silver. I might also add a sulfur solution to oxidize the metal to give it a weathered industrial look. Haven’t decided yet. Finally I’ll put nice automotive clear poly finish on it. I’ll put up some pics of it on my trusty old American Standard Tele when it’s done.

Now I know I can do all kinds of cool custom pickguard guitarshit which, incidently, will be the topic of tomorrow’s post!

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2 Responses to Another go

  1. Nick Hvatov says:

    Great job Michael! Nice to hear that you made it! )))

  2. Kevin says:

    Nice! I’m very interested in seeing the finished product. I like how you show us the processes and explain the steps for your creations – it’s very interesting. Keep ‘me coming please.


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