Get ’em while they’re hot!

Wings of Desire…

This is a special announcement for all Hell Guitars owners. I would like to send you a free pack of our Super Blacks guitar picks. To get them, please send me an email with your address (not in the comments section of this blog please!).

I’m sorry I have been absent of late. A combination of a higher volume of orders than usual and an illness have sort of gotten in my way. I’ll try to pick things up however and not be such a stranger (thanks, Nick for the kind prodding…).

Unrelated, but perhaps worth sharing, is a new truss rod cover and switch washer design. Should start with the manufacturing on Mon. or Tues. of next week. The image is above.

See you soon and be sure to send me your address for some free swag!

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4 Responses to Get ’em while they’re hot!

  1. Nick Hvatov says:

    Cool stuff as always)) I started to change hardware of my Gibson LP from chrome to gold and I want these in gold finish!

    • Mhead says:

      Thanks Nick. By the way, your picks were shipped out a couple of days ago. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

      • Nick Hvatov says:

        Many Thanks Michael! What about this switch washer and tross rod cover? Do you have plans to make them in gold finish? If yes, I want to buy theme as soon as possible!

        • Mhead says:

          Hey Nick. Sorry for the late reply as I somehow missed this. Might do a gold in the future however right now the gold versions aren’t selling quite so well. As I have to create a minimum of 100 pieces each run I’m not sure if it will pay to make them or not. If I get a few more request for it though, I just might.

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