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I ordered a ‘9 x ‘7 banner of the above design for the back of our booth a few days ago from a company in the state of Georgia (in the USA). I received notice 2 days after ordering that our banner had been shipped and UPS tracking info was included. Well, I checked the tracking and was quite surprised to see that the banner shipped from Mumbai, India! I wonder if I have a problem with the banner and need to call support which country gets the call?

In other news, everything is coming together for the show (for the most part). Except… for a tooth… Started having pain 2 days ago and went to the dentist. After a root canal the pain was worse than before. Seems there is a wisdom tooth that needs to go but they can’t deal with it until the swelling goes down which won’t be before my flight! So I will have to go to the show with a tooth with a gaping hole and nothing but antibiotics and painkillers to deal with it. Not my ideal way to go, that’s for sure…

So if there are any dentists (licensed, please!) in the Southern California area out there who will work for a guitar, please shoot me a line. Otherwise I don’t fancy paying US rates for dental care without insurance. As I remember it, US dental care with insurance wasn’t exactly cheap…

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2 Responses to Mumbai,…Georgia?!

  1. Nick Hvatov says:

    Oh…Wish you can withstand this teeth problems(… I fully understand your problems…But in my case I have a one nuance – my lower jaw teeth can’t be fully anesthetized. Tried different painkillers in various proportions(last time there is about 5 injections before drilling and root canal cleaning and i still feel the most of the pain) but without major success =( I wish you good luck!

  2. old nod says:

    so when I first saw the header I figured it was a new advertising campaign…

    “Hell guitars… rockin’ you all the way from Mumbai to Georgia!”

    as to your dental problems… yoinks!

    old nod

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