Catalog Back Cover.

Duck! (please click to enlarge).

Here’s a look at the back cover of the catalog. Must say, I’m pleased with it but what do you all think?

I found the German, wind-up, tricycling, prop-headed duck in a local shop recently, thinking it might work for some future purpose. Decided to put it on the catalog to add a slightly twisted sense of fun. Personally I think the duck is a bit creepy with his intense gaze and peculiar anthropomorphism. But only a bit. In fact I think that old toy characters are often on the creepy side. It’s actually something I rather like though not exactly sure why. Perhaps due to some supressed childhood trauma…

The rocket is a new truss rod cover that we just finished. A little departure from our usual looks so I wonder if it will find an audience or not. I’m rather fond of it myself (of course). Kind of that Buck Rogers, future that never was kind of thing.

The catalog is finally in production as I approved the proof today. Hope they do a good job. Using a print shop I’ve never used before.

In other news, I leave for Southern California for the NAMM show in just over a week. Still tons to do but after getting some of the more time sensitive stuff out of the way, the stress is becoming manageable. I really have no idea what to expect from the show in terms of what it will mean for the business. Hopefully something good!

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6 Responses to Catalog Back Cover.

  1. Kevin says:

    Nice looking catalogue; I’d love to see what’s between the covers. Yeah the duck is creepy but he looks happy with his new Bender. I love the rocket truss rod cover. Good luck at the show.

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Michael,

    The catalog looks great. I think you’re going to do awesome at NAMM because you have a great lineup! I love my zerodot ; nothing out there in this price range can even get close to it. Have fun in So. Cal ! – Matt

    Ps..will there be an online version of the catalog coming?

  3. Nick Hvatov says:

    =)) Amazing Duck, amazing tross rod cover))))))) And I hope you will share online version of this catalog with us soon) .

  4. old nod says:

    if you look real close you can see me peeking out of the top rocket window…

    old nod

    in other news, nice art…

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