Hellwires pre-press sample pics

Hellwires package front

Hellwires package inside

Hellwires package back.

The Hellwires packaging is coming along really nicely. I just got these photos of one of our packages from the printer. Here you can see the front, inside and back of the package. There’s a lot of nice spot varnishing on the front, some of which you can make out (the raised shiny bits). The devildudes also have the spot varnish but it is difficult see in this shot. You’ll perhaps notice that the inside artwork is taken from my tattoo design. I think it looks real elegant there…

In other news, our guitars finally ship tomorrow. I had to delay the sending for logistical reasons but we will have them in soon. Packaging art for our Toggle switch washers and truss rod covers was sent in today. I’ll try to post some of those designs soon.

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6 Responses to Hellwires pre-press sample pics

  1. Nick Hvatov says:

    Hi bro! =)) Nice to hear that hellwires became closer to us! )))) What calibers will be available?

  2. old nod says:

    nice package mister….

    old nod

  3. Dave says:

    If these are “Perfect 10’s,” what do you call your 9’s?

    • Mhead says:

      Why “Extra Fine 9’s” of course!
      Actually, maybe I should have consulted you, Dave, before deciding. Looks good on the package though I think…

      • Dave says:

        Nice. Good stuff! Liking the “Extra Fine.”

        Which size do you recommend for a No. 2? I put a Hybrid Slinky set on mine last week, but I’m not convinced it’s better despite the more Fender-ish high strings. I’m probably 10 bends away from snapping the B.

        You ship all your guitars with 10-46, right?

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