"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet."

As I design and create more and more accessories, I am increasingly thinking that I need a website devoted entirely to the guitar accessory side of the business. I will probably still sell some in the Hell Guitars shop however I think they need to be more visible and distinct.

In choosing a name for the shop I have decided (I think!) that calling it something like “guitarshit” would be both visible and very distinct indeed. So that’s what I think I’ve decided to call it. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s either a brilliant or irretrievably stupid idea, which makes it worth trying if only for the chance to feel the thrill of being right. Anyway, not a name easily forgotten and the domain was curiously available for every dot extension imaginable.

Now, I hear some of you asking, why would a perfectly fine URL like go unclaimed? The only reason I can think of is perhaps because businesses tend to shy away from including any references to elimination in their corporate identity (of course IBM being one notable exception).

I have for a few years now become increasingly interested in how far one can go with establishing a brand. With so much repetition and competition, sometimes the only way to stand out is to adopt the decidedly unconventional and try to make it mainstream. I remember that Virgin Records was a company whose name was rather scandalous when it came out, but established itself in the rather liberal record business before moving on to publishing, airlines and spaceships. It is now perfectly mainstream and the name itself has no scandal left to it.

“” is certainly unconventional but it is also very much a part of how players refer to their own or others’ gear. As in, “man I have so much guitarshit” or “he has some great guitarshit” etc. Now I am interested in finding out if people can learn to trust and become loyal guitarshit customers. I know it’s a bit of a reach but frankly I’m tired of all the Guitar Center, Dave’s Guitars, Bob’s Guitars, Jim’s Guitars, Something Music, Something Else Music etc., etc. At the end of the day they all sell guitarshit so why not just become it?

Now here is where I ask my friends out there to either bring me to reason and talk me out of this (not likely) or help me to validate my poor choice by agreeing with me (much appreciated). Notice that I didn’t invite my mother to comment as I’m fairly sure I know what her “advice” would be. So anyone else out there who wants to join in please do. I may even send some of you some free guitarshit if your participation is particularly creative…

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6 Responses to Guitarshit

  1. Nick Hvatov says:

    Well it is a bit provocative but I think it is worth to do it =))) After all my thoughts I think it completly a good idea). Right a few days before, me and my friends thinking about making an internet video channel about gear(we have a plenty problems with this king of things here, in Russia). And there was a hot discussion about what to do, and especialy how to name it. So I try to lobby a bit more aggressive and impudent ideas, but didn’t recieved any approval. But I always think that if there is some kind of the undertone behind this name it is worth to use it ))))

  2. old nod says:

    “take this guitarshit, my brother, go forth and rock’n rolla my foes…” I like it…. it’s memorable and has excellent ‘mouth appeal’ as we say in the food industry…

    I’d also like to suggest a line of products designed and marketed to the fairer sex and sold under the brand name, ‘busted cherry’….

    : )

    old nod………………………

  3. Kevin says:

    I checked in at Machinehead, saw the Guitar Shit logo and before reading a word of the post, said out loud “brilliant” … Then my inner monologe kicked in and in my head thought “he’s finally getting the accessories side of Hell going and he’s calling it Guitar Shit, that’s awesome”.

    Your reasoning is 100% on the mark and it’s not that provocative unless you want to put it on a billboard or pass out coupons at the elementary school. If it becomes a problem when you start building spaceships you can deal with it then.

    So don’t listen to your mom ( sorry Mrs. E) or anyone else who tells you it’s a bad idea because Bob of “Bobs Guitars” took his Moms advice and nobody’s visiting his site.

  4. Zach says:

    No doubt it’s an attention grabber. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s bold, if a bit crude. One thing that could be a hindrance is if forum moderators or magazine editors would take exception thus greatly reducing your ability to advertise. You may want to inquire with some of these folks to see if they have a problem printing the name in print or on their website. Would YouTube censor it? I think you definitely know the value of YouTube promos. I bought the ZeroDot based on Robert Renman’s vids and I watch tons of gear demo vids by Premier Guitar, Robert R., some crazy German dude who does fantastic vids, Gearmandude, etc…so, if you don’t get any push-back from those avenues – I say Go For It!

  5. Kevin says:

    Shit used to be vulgar but it has graduated to one of those fun harmless words you don’t want your five year old to say but you don’t cringe when you hear it.

    It has so many uses besides elimination. It can be uses as a noun (Guitar shit), a verb (I have to much shit), to express dominance (you ain’t shit), trouble (we’re indeep shit), surprise (holy shit!), displeasure (you don’t do shit), apathy (don’t give a shit)… And on and on. We even combine it with other words to make new words (shart). We love shit.

    You can say shit on TV, the radio and it is okay to use on YouTube. It’s no longer one of the seven dirty words.

  6. Rich says:

    Shit hot Michael, I think you have hit on a real stinker of a name with that one & I like the logo too, very crap worthy!!!!
    Now all we need is “GUITAR SHIT FOR LEFTIES”
    Any news on left hand Hell guitars mate?

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