The day before!


I’m laying awake at 3:30 in the morning due to jetlag and worries that I might over sleep. got to get up in 2 hours so I can miss the traffic to the first day of the NAMM show. Photo is of our not quite completed booth. The talented and photogenic Robert Renman joined us yesterday. Good man that Robert! More to come. wish us luck!

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4 Responses to The day before!

  1. old nod says:


    old nod

  2. Kevin says:

    Good luck Michael!! You wont need it, your guitars and sh!t will speak for themselves and the booth is looking good.

  3. Muzz says:

    Good Luck Michael And Robert! Wish I was there with you! The stand’s looking grrrrrrrreat! Hell Yeah!

  4. Nick Hvatov says:

    I wish you a goooood luuuck!!!

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